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What to Wear for Your Senior Pictures

Hey high school seniors! Getting your Senior Portraits taken can be stressful…. but they can also be super fun! One of the biggest struggles that I hear is … what to wear! Is this a struggle for you, too? Stressing about what will look good or what you'll feel comfortable in? Don't worry! We have some tips and tricks just for you!

When trying to figure out what to wear, first think about your specific, unique style! We want to make sure your senior photographs capture who YOU are! If you don’t really know what your style is, that is ok!

To know what to wear, you'll need to know what atmosphere you want your pictures taken in. The atmosphere creates the vibe and aesthetic of your photos.

If you like urban settings, focus on pulling out items from your closet that are stylish, chic, and unique! If you like the park settings, pull out more casual, comfortable items! It is best to always bring a pair of your favorite jeans and a few shirt options to go with them!

For boho style, you want to pull items that are flowy and in floral or neutral tones. Focus on simple (but chic!) fabrics.

To simplify it, pick out one casual outfit (shorts, jeans, casual tops), something a little nicer (sundress, khaki’s and polo), and then something nicer (some bring a formal dress or suit jacket). In the end, it’s YOU we want to capture, your clothes just add to the beauty inside YOU!! We will work with what you have to create great images that capture you and who you are as a senior!

To find some inspiration for what to wear, check out our Pinterest page:


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