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An Inspirational Woman leading a team of "Rock Stars"!

The month of March is all about celebrating powerful, impactful, admirable women.

Another amazing, inspiring and beautiful woman that I've had the pleasure of photographing is Wendy Harcourt. As the Team Leader at Harcourt Chiropractic Office in York, PA since 2008, she has had the privilege of working with many strong, young women, she calls her “Rock Stars”! Wendy loves empowering women, not only those on her team, but also the clients that she works with. She credits her strong leadership qualities to her previous management experience in the restaurant business.

As a successful businesswomen and entrepreneur, Wendy loves to read, grow, and continue learn. Her values of leading with love, integrity, and faith have not only allowed her to manage an amazing team at HCO well, but also work alongside her loving husband of 14 years.

I asked Wendy if she had any tips for the future generation to become strong, impactful women, and she said, first and foremost, to “read good books for personal growth, and dig deep. As someone who loves to continually improve personally and in my business, I couldn't emphasize this important habit to begin!" She continued on to say “Never stop Learning! Learn from your mistakes. Take responsibility for your actions. {and} Grow and READ!”.

It was such a pleasure getting to know and work with Wendy, as well as hearing all of inspirational quotes for women she had! Wendy is a wonderful role model for young women and I so loved getting to learn about her for Women's History Month! She says that “A legacy is when you live on in someone else’s life long after you are gone.” Well, Wendy, you have certainly impacted my life by getting to know you better. Not only is she unforgettable but she was a true natural beauty in her headshot session!

- Mary


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