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The Motivational and Inspiring Woman We all want to Know!

The month of March is all about celebrating powerful, impactful, admirable women.

You know those individuals who have an impactful presence and you just know they are good people? That is Michelle Crowley. I met Michelle through being involved with the Carlisle Chamber of Commerce, where she served as the president for 24 years. I had such a wonderful time creating these beautiful, modern, and impactful headshots for her and getting to know her better!

Michelle told me that she grew up in a household that always made her feel special and challenged her to be her best. She recalls her mother being adamant about never giving up and and encouraging her with the words “you can do this.” It made her feel strong, empowered and to believe in herself, even at a very young age. Although Michelle didn’t really know what she wanted to do "when she grew up", she knew that she wanted to be married and become a mother. This year, she is celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary and feels proud to be an influence in her husband’s two children lives, to encourage and support them as if they are her own children.

As an inspirational and motivational woman, Michelle continues to impact small businesses and use the creativity her Mom instilled in her, in a unique and different way. After leaving the Chamber of Commerce, Michelle now sells high-end fabric to Quilting Shops in the mid-Atlantic region. She finds this creative career fun and fulfilling, as she gets to help small business owners grow their business and their market share.

When I asked if she could spend time with any famous woman in the world, who would it be? She said she would give anything to share another wonderful meal with her mom again, as she cherished the priceless time shared with the woman who had an incredible amount of impact on her.

When I asked Michelle if she had any tips for the future generation to become strong women, her response was nothing short of inspirational.

“Don’t pass up opportunities – take chances. Don’t get caught in the weeds.”

As if her wisdom and insight is from an encouraging book you might read, she wants to remind the future generation that “If you treat others with respect and dignity, support from others will come back to you tenfold.”

I love the connection I have with Michelle and am inspired by her support and motivation for others! I hope her inspires and encourages you!

- Mary


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